Pitbull Puppies

A deposit is required to reserve a Pup.

They are a very smart breed that need Socialization, Love, Discipline and Exercise from an early age.

No harsh training the first year as their bones are still growing. A 2-5Km walk, one to three times a week is a good idea or a large garden is important for the puppy to run freely, but personally a 4-5kms walk three times a week is better.

Even though they fall in the top ten easiest breeds to train, puppy school is a must as owners can learn as much as their puppy. If you want a well behaved puppy and a dog that is socialized from an early age then training is critical and easily done.

They are an extremely Loyal breed and become very attached to their Family.

We have just a few open bookings on a blue litter that will be born towards the end of August 2018. For more info on the parents bloodlines/lineages and how we work please contact us on 072 -080-2010 or email us