About Kingsviews Kennels


Kingsview Kennels has been a registered breeder since 1998

Kingsview has been put together from carefully selected Pit bulls that we have found across the country locally and from the United States from various breeders.

Solid bloodlines allow us to create the total package that will incorporate lean muscle mass,wider structures and impressive heads both literally and figuratively. Without leaving behind stunning temperaments.

When visiting you will notice how all our dogs play together in harmony we do not just lock our dogs in large kennels we have built for them.

We never breed out of proportion dogs on our yard . Each pair has been well thought out to compliment each others conformation, style and build as well as pedigree.

On average we have around four litters a year as our dogs are our pets and their quality of health comes first.

History of Pitbulls

The APBT has a history and those interested should learn as much as possible and use all the internet resources available today.

As many as 40 or so different bloodlines exist today.

You can view the original bloodlines below:


American PitBull Terrier – American Pit Bull Registry

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A Few Notes

Remember this breed was bred to be handled in Extreme Situations.They used to fight these dogs in Pits against bulls, hence the name “pit bull” .The name Pit bull was not derived from fighting other dogs in Pits like many people think ,so any excuse making for poor or bad temperament in the APBT is not acceptable for any reason and all APBT’s with bad temperaments should have their owners to blame.

Unfortunately over the last 20 years or so, breeders with no actual knowledge have taken the pit bull to height and weight limits that are not acceptable in the Pit Bull,meaning they are not real pure bred American Pit Bull Terriers of the standard they were meant to be .In fact it is my opinion that these hugely over done Hybrid pit bulls that are not pure bred making people bigger is better.

They are ruining a wonderful and courageous breed and should be called something else for they are not pit bulls any longer. A real APBT should be athletic, structurally sound and posses a solid temperament as they were bred and used for many working aspects and were family pets.

If you see a pit bull that has a huge body, head and 4 inch legs that can’t make a trip around the yard let alone the block, think again is it real or hybrid.

It is important to educate yourself on a breed you intend to own. So if you are confused on what’s what then ask as many questions from reputable breeders and do your home work.

Owning an APBT is a huge responsibility and your dog will need your time and attention.

You have to have the mental and emotional capacity to treat this animal with love, kindness and respect to become a responsible owner.

Please note that I do not sell puppies to breeders and all buyers are screened. I have spent many years studying and researching the pedigree’s of my dogs and I know what I have.A pit Bull will compete and conquer anything you put up their face.

They want to please their owner .


Kingsview Kennels is South Africa’s top breeder of blue nose American Pit Bulls for family dogs
Our passion is the American Pit bull - We breed for health, Temperament, Form and Function