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With a 25-year history, Kingsview has served dedicated and satisfied clients, offering them exceptional dogs. Our dogs are carefully selected Pit bulls, procured from certified local breeders, as well as from various breeders across the United States.

Our strong bloodlines enable us to deliver a package that features lean muscle mass, wider structures, and impressive heads, both literally and figuratively, without compromising their stunning temperaments.

During your visit, you’ll observe our dogs interacting harmoniously. We don’t just confine our dogs to large kennels we’ve constructed. Instead, we ensure our dogs are well-socialized, playing together daily.

No dog at our facility is out of proportion. Each pairing is meticulously considered, ensuring complementarity in conformation, style, build, pedigree, and most desirable attributes.

On average, we have approximately four litters per year. Our dogs are not just pets to us; their health quality is our top priority. Our mother dogs are given ample rest periods to maintain an ideal quality of life. To meet the growing demands of the puppies from three weeks of age, we supplement the mother’s milk with a diet of rice and game mince. This not only keeps them nourished but also aids in their brain stem development.

Our affection and pride in this breed run deep, and we cherish our dogs.

History of the American Pit Bull

The APBT has a history and those interested should learn as much as possible and use all the internet resources available today.

As many as 40 or so different bloodlines exist today.

You can view the original bloodlines below:


American PitBull Terrier – American Pit Bull Registry

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