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Kingsview Tequila

Kingsview Tequila is an incredibly affectionate pitbull who loves to play with Kingsview Storm. The American Pit Bull Terrier is known as a companion and family dog breed. Their tenacity, gameness, and courage make them popular in various competitions such as weight-pulling, agility, tracking, and obedience.

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Kingsview Kiara

Kingsview Kiara is a striking and rare fawn brindle Pit Bull. She has an exceptional confirmation and adores all dogs she encounters. Her unique color is derived from old-school blue lineages. Just like all Kingsview dogs, she has an extremely predictable temperament, preferring to avoid any conflict.

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Kingsview Ruby

Ruby’s most distinctive physical characteristic is her unique dark fawn coat, a shade we’ve only produced in 3 pups over 25 years. She also produces blue and fawn-blue puppies. To the untrained eye, her coat might appear chocolate in color.

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Kingsview Larna

Larna, who has now sadly retired and lives with a friend in Nelspruit, was a perfect mirror image of her parents, and her legacy continues with her offspring still with us. Kingsview Larna was a true fawn blue, her coat reflecting more of a light powder blue.

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Kingsview Siri

Kingsview Siri is a blue female pitbull who is exceptionally friendly and always ready for a game. Like all our dogs, she is well-disciplined and highly intelligent. When called, she responds promptly.

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Kingsview Ceasar

Kingsview Caesar is a striking black female pitbull with a noticeable blue shimmer in her dark coat. Her father was a blue dog, but her black coloration is more dominant, meaning she produces puppies of the same color.

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Kingsview Celine

Kingsview Celine is a stunning blue female pitbull with a playful demeanor. She relishes attention and long walks, much like all pitbulls. She also enjoys tasks. While the bloodlines of American Pit Bulls are significant, the way you raise your dogs is equally important. These two aspects go hand in hand.

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Kingsview Zoey

Kingsview Zoey, with her striking blue coat, is a descendant of Kingsview Blue Storm and Siri. She has a wonderful temperament and enjoys socializing and playing with other dogs. Zoey possesses a lot of confidence, but she also exhibits a very gentle nature.

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Kingsview Strike

Since 2021, Kingsview Strike has been a cherished member of the Kingsview family. A fawn-blue in color, his coat has a unique silver-blue hue coupled with a distinctive red nose, setting him apart from standard blues, which typically have blue noses.

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Kingsview Stunner

Kingsview Stunner is a blue male pitbull who is exceptionally child-friendly and sociable with other dogs. He particularly enjoys interacting with female dogs on a regular basis. Based on my experience with the breed, pitbulls generally have phenomenal temperaments.

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