Kingsview Female Pitbull – Ruby

The most defining physical characteristic of Ruby is her dark fawn unique coat. We have only ever produced 3 dark fawn pups.

Just like their other cousins Blues, Fawn Blues and Blues they have broad, flat skulls and deep muzzles. They also have a wide, strong jaws that make them look menacing.

In terms of their build, Fawns just like Blues Pits are stocky and muscular. They have a long body with a whip-like tail. Their overall appearance speaks of power and strength, so they are often viewed as best guard dogs. Ruby also comes out of your older lineages and she has an unsurpassable temperament around other dogs.

  1. IntelligenceHigh
  2. Kid FriendlyYes
  3. General HealthGood
  4. SizeMedium/Large
  5. Easy To GroomYes
  6. Easy To TrainYes
  7. Energy LevelHigh
  8. PlayfulnessHigh

Leading breeder for Pit Bull puppies in South Africa

Our passion is the American Pit bull. We breed because it is our love and passion for this beautiful breed. At Kingsview kennels we specialize in Blue nose, red nose and black nose Pit Bulls.. We breed Pit bulls for mainly for their quality traits, temperaments, size and colour. They also have one of the Best Temperaments tested by the American Temperament Test Society. Research what you getting yourself into before making a choice on bloodlines and breeder History/lineages. These three things are Critical with any breed - Exercise, Discipline and Affection.
Kingsview Female Pitbull – Ruby
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Kingsview Kennels is South Africa’s top breeder of blue nose American Pit Bulls for family dogs
Our passion is the American Pit bull - We breed for health, Temperament, Form and Function