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Kingsview Male Pitbull


Kingsview Storm is not only extremely intelligent and well-behaved but also boasts a wonderful personality. He can sit, jump remarkably high from a seated position, shake hands, roll over, fetch, and perform any other trick you request. He interacts exceptionally well with both children and adults, much like all our males and females. Overall, he’s the complete package, making a wonderful guard dog committed to our protection. No task is too large for Storm. His offspring are testament to his excellent genetics.

About Storm

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed known for its companionship and suitability as a family dog. Originally bred for bull-baiting, the breed evolved into versatile farm dogs and subsequently transitioned into home life, earning the title of “nanny dogs” due to their gentle nature around children. Their tenacity, courage, and gameness make them popular in sports such as weight pulling, agility, and obedience competition. At Kingsview Kennels, our Pitbulls are known for their great temperaments and exceptional bloodlines.

Adoption Notice

Please be aware of online scams! Currently, there are several scammers advertising photoshopped puppies on demand, complete with their dedicated websites. Always ensure you are communicating with a legitimate source. Please be vigilant and communicate in English.

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