Breeding & Bloodlines

willow2You might want to know…

We are registered with our Bloodlines are screened by the Pit Bull Federation. When buying a pit bull puppy, make sure the puppy has solid histories on their pedigree papers. It does not necessarily mean if a dog is registered and has papers that it has a good strong solid bloodline. Do your homework before you purchase a pit bull. We do everything with passion at Kingsview, we are by no means a Large scale breeder that always has pups available. We roughly have three to four litters a year and a pre- booking is required for someone who is passionate about the Breed and has the Right Intentions .

Our puppies are sold with inoculation and de-worming certificates booklets. Our puppies are not sold for commercial use and must be introduced to a house where lots of love and attention will be given to the dog.

We also register new owners details in order to prevent our puppies from getting into the wrong hands. We are also Registered with the National Dog breeders Council of South Africa. Pit bulls make stunning pets and need to be properly socialized and be given the love and attention these beautiful pets deserve.

Our Quality To You

celine2Our main focus is on breeding some of the best original bloodlines that have outstanding temperaments many of our clients including ourselves have many dogs and different breeds living together without having a single fight or any type of aggression in years.

The bloodlines we breed have working and service history as they where the Kings first choice as Nanny dog’s .A respectable breeder should never just take a male and female together and call himself a breeder …Breeding today has become more of a Science- gene pools and lineages/pedigrees must be studied and researched .In saying this the breeder can weigh up any pros and cons of his bloodlines and know the exact history and the quality traits and temperaments of his dogs.

Our breeds are well built, with lots of definition. Pit bulls are highly intelligent and enjoy proving their worth to their owners. Our dogs excel in show jumping, pulling weights and hanging. Our bloodline includes various grand ace champions and champions. Our Pit bulls are known for their brilliant temperaments, intelligence and colours. We do not Stud our dogs to anyone and we do not allow our females to be covered by your male –Thank you for offering.

Chivas – 2nd year running grand champion. The Great Bolto – 7 years undefeated
grand ace champion.


Registration Blood Lines

canine cert 2  canine Cert1

Please Note: For security reasons the above Registration Certificates do not show registration numbers of individual dogs or any of the Imported lineages/bloodlines/Champions ect.

Our Happy Pitbulls

When raised with the proper training and socialization, the American Pit Bull Terrier makes an excellent companion for children. American Pit Bull Terriers are devoted and loyal to their family. The correct bloodlines and Dogs without Recent Fighting history can get on with all breeds exceptionally well.