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Breeding & Bloodlines

Everything you need to know about our Pitbulls


We are registered with www.Caninesa.co.za and our bloodlines are screened by the Pit Bull Federation. When buying a pit bull puppy, make sure the puppy has a solid history on their pedigree papers. It does not necessarily mean that if a dog is registered and has papers, it has an excellent strong solid bloodline. Do your homework before purchasing a pit bull. We do everything with passion at Kingsview. We are not a commercial breeder that always has pups available. We are a select preservation breeder. We roughly have three to four litters a year and pre-booking is required for someone who is passionate about the Breed and has the Right Intentions.

Our puppies are sold with inoculation and de-worming certificate booklets. Our puppies are not sold for commercial use and must be introduced to a house where lots of love and attention will be given to the dog.

We also register owners’ details to prevent puppies from falling into the wrong hands and each pup is micro-chipped. We are also registered with the National Dog Breeders Council of South Africa. Pit bulls make stunning pets and need to be properly socialized and given the love and attention these adorable pets deserve. We have never in 25 years had a client whose child has been bitten and we have had many families come and visit us. Over the course of my 25 years of experience, I have found the breed exceptionally loyal, lovable, and protective of all family members and especially love, children.

The problems that have cropped up in the past few years are low lives in society chaining up their dogs and locking them in cages, Strange children teasing the dogs through fences the most terrible thing anyone can do is make any dog, especially a powerful breed, aggressive. No dog should be locked up and the environment that the dog lives in is critical. Also, cross-breeding any power breed like an American Pit Bull with other breeds can give the dog a serious uncontrollable drive in the wrong direction


Our main focus is on breeding some of the most outstanding original bloodlines with outstanding temperaments. Many of our clients including ourselves have many dogs and different breeds living together without a single fight or aggression for years.

American Pit Bulls were bred for work and companionship. The original American Pit Bull was a catch dog, hunting dog, and tracking dog. This is often the reason why our dogs excel over other breeds in agility competitions and training classes. These dogs have long been popular family pets, noted for their gentleness, affection, and loyalty. And even those pit bulls bred to fight other animals were not aggressive toward people.

A respectable breeder should never just take a male and female together and call himself a breeder. Breeding today has become more of a science- gene pools and lineages/pedigrees must be studied and researched. In saying this the breeder can weigh up any pros and cons of his bloodlines and know the exact history and quality traits and temperament

Our breeds are well built, with lots of definition. Pit bulls are highly intelligent and enjoy proving their worth to their owners. Our dogs excel at show jumping, pulling weights, and hanging. Our bloodline includes various ace champions as well as champions and champions. Our American Pit Bulls are known for their brilliant temperaments, intelligence, and colors. We do not stud our dogs with anyone and do not allow our females to be covered by your male. Thank you for offering but the risk of (CHV) is real and we have strict breeding restrictions on our lineages.


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