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Our Client Testimonials

We got Max on the 21st of November 2016, a Blue American Pitbull Terrier from Kingsview Kennels. Max has surpassed every expectation we would have had of this breed. He has the most beautiful personality and temperament we have ever known in a dog companion. Max is super intelligent and training him, even from 6 weeks old, has been amazing and a breeze to say the least. He travels everywhere with my wife in our relatively small town and is well known and much loved by the community! They adore him. He shares our home with two cats and has never shown aggression towards them or other dogs, in fact, he has been very respectful and playful towards these other animals. Max will be 11 months old in September 2017, and we are planning to get him a sibling “little sister” from Jason (Kingsview Kennels). We could not imagine getting a dog from another breeder since we trust Jason and have never been let down by his valuable advice and support in raising our boy! Jason has been guiding us throughout the process of learning about this awesome breed and raising a super companion and friend. Max is strong and well built….loves the beach, swimming, running and playing and he is always ready and willing. We cannot imagine our lives without Max anymore and look forward to getting his “little sister” soon!! Thank you Jason!

Chris Morgan
AC Morgan Attorney’s
I bought my girl, Nudge, from Kingsview Kennels about 11 months ago. Being a bit scared and sceptical about getting an American Pitt Bull Terrier for the first time. I had no idea what to expect after hearing all the bad stories about pitbulls and what a bad reputation they have. Jason assured me I had nothing to worry about and just be firm and assertive at all times. What a surprise! I have the sweetest, cleverest dog I have ever seen in my life. I am so amazed at how loving and loyal she is. She lives with two other Miniature Dobermans and I have never had any problems. The three just adore each other. Lots of training and attention, but it is worth every second! I love my baby Nudge and will never have any other dog than a American Pitt Bull Terrier (from Kingsview Kennels) in my life.

Jodette du Preez
Can’t believe how time has flown – Ash (our Pittie) turned 3 months yesterday…..This gorgeous dog certainly came into our lives with bang. As you know we really investigated and searched, researched breeders with regards to getting a Pitbull. We had wonderful dealings with you and your kennels and although we had never owned a Pittie the reassurance of your lineage and the confidence in your dogs was undeniable. Our major concern was that we had cats of which one is a Maine Coon and needed to have a dog that would be part of the family! Along came Ash a bouncing, energetic little blue boy. Loving is an understatement with this dog – he is warm, cuddly, friendly, passionate, fun loving, an absolute comic enjoys making everyone laugh – loves his cat-brother. They often sit on the couch together although Ash will curl up in the corner so not to enter Aragon’s space or zone, actually I think he stays away from being klapped on the head! We decided to join a socialization and obedience training with Ash – more than anything for him to meet and play with other dogs. Learning – well that just blew our mind – once shown and understood what is expected he now flies through the commands almost as though it gets boring, socialization no problem loves all the other dogs especially the high energy boxer and Italian Greyhound…. They give him a run on for his money on energy. Last night Ash was confronted with a little girl Pittie also three months – Jason, the difference in the two Pittie’s was immediately evident. The little Pittie girl was so aggressive and dominate maybe from Fighting History I am not sure . Her owners arms where blue and bite marks right up to elbows. – one could immediately see a difference in nature and breeding of Ash. Although excited, he was non aggressive and gets on with all makes and models of dogs playing with everyone. The trainer had to intervene with the little girl Pittie and had to remove her from the other dogs. She immediately commented on how different Ash’s nature was terming him “very sweet” and “very intelligent”. I let Ash continue to play with the little girl as none of the other dogs had any interest in her and Ash could certainly stand his ground with her but even he was not very comfortable with the little girl. It was an excellent experience in realizing that our decision to go with one of your pups was unquestionably the best move. We realize that the difference in taking on a well breed dog makes such a difference to enjoying the breed. There is no doubt of the quality and lineage of Ash and over the next couple of months we look forward to his development and growth knowing that we have a well-balanced dog. As for the little girl Pittie – my heart breaks for this dog as in time to come she will become more aggressive and dominate and will be a very difficult dog to manage all this because people breed without knowledge or passion for the breed – as for her owner to invest in a dog with such challenges she is either very brave or very stupid. So all said and done – thank you for our beautiful boy, we are so proud to take him out and introduce him to the world knowing that he is well balanced and represents his breed in the best possible way as a loving, passionate and dedicated family member. I will always recommend Kingsview Kennels as the only option to invest in an American Pit bull there simply is no other choice. Wishing you a fabulous day and we will keep you posted on our young man’s development.

Yvette Meyer
Our boy Diesel turned 3 at the end of January. He is, without doubt, the best big dog I have ever had. He is extremely intelligent and responsive – he knows how to learn. I take him for training weekly and he has excelled at scent work, agility and we are entering our first dog dancing competition in two weeks time. If I had the time to train him every day, I would have focused on search and rescue as his ability to follow his nose is exceptional. He is very loving and protective. Pitbulls need to be loved and do not respond well to harsh words, pack leader type training, shouting or over dominance displays from humans or being left alone for long periods of time. I train using a clicker and directional harness that clasps at his chest – definitely no choke chains, our training is reward based and the more you reward and love, the more responsive the dog becomes. Like any powerful breed, it is essential to take your pitbull to training. Not only does the dog learn good manners and socialization skills, pitbulls love to learn and are essentially working dogs. We collected Diesel from Jason at 7 weeks and I stayed a further week up in Johannesburg so Diesel could get used to his move from his home to me. We flew down to Cape Town when he was 8 weeks and we started taking him to puppy school at 9 weeks. He was a very well balanced puppy with no developmental issues. Diesel lives with his sister – a Jack Russell age 2 years and the two of them are very close and play together well. We have booked another puppy from Jason which we hope to get later on this year. As far as I am concerned, I would not get a pitbull from another breeder. Jason’s yard is exceptionally clean and his dogs have a lovely grass area to play in. None of his dogs have cropped ears or docked tails and they do not come from a fighting line. My main considerations when getting a pitbull are temperament, health and intelligence and Diesel has all three of these attributes. Living in Cape Town, I can highly recommend Yvonne Zwiegelaar from Dog Dynamics for training. Her contact details are on her website and she has a very active Facebook page. http://www.dogdynamics.co.za or https://www.facebook.com/Dog-Dynamics-Behaviour-and-Training-142954712429804/?fref=ts You are choosing the best dog from an extremely reputable breeder.

We bought our Little blue girl from Jason in 2011 .We were so amazed with her character been so human like and very smart.I cannot believe at Puppy she excelled over as many as 50 other puppies and took 1st place .I am so delighted with her is wish people would not judge the breed but rather the deed.You were so right in explaining that the dogs are not the problem and that Humans are the issue as People fighting them has caused the bad genetics to be passed to Puppy. Also Duke has no Skin Issues or any medical issues ,he is super smart ,very predictable and protective . With Duke I can clearly see the evidence in your hard work at selecting dogs with no recent fighting history and only the best lineages .I will be looking at Purchasing another Blue in Mid 2013 as she is a little lonely

Brett Jones
I just wanted to share this picture of our two babies with our Jack Russel on Top. In 2013 we had four guys with AK47’s at our farm gate trying to get access if it was not for such I loyal breed I am not sure if I or my family would be alive today.We have noticed both our dogs have lots of working history from Tracking to Herding we have used them to heard the cattle . They are both loyal ,smart ,predictable and both were willing to learn very quickly .Our two Jack Russels and them both enjoy running all day long .Thank you for your advice and for these two stunning dogs we adore .Just like all our dogs they are socialised well so they know all 12 of our farm workers and they the tell between if someone has good intensions or not.

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