Competition Pitbulls

Weight Pulling

Showing the immense driving power of the Pit bull. This contestant in a weight pulling contest, pulls because he wants to, and not because he is forced to.

They can excel in pulling over four tons. Boltos father pulled over 4.8 tons.

Chivas – 2nd year running grand champion. The Great Bolto – 7 years undefeated grand ace champion

willow6  Confirmation pulling


Spirit – Our white female can jump 2.2m high from a sitting position.

Our Pit bulls excel in endurance, athletic ability, drive and strive to serve their owners.


Learn about dog shows & s
howing your dog

 Useful Hints

• Leave your dog at home

• Visit dog shows

• Ask questions

• Observe judges

• Read the standard

• Observe the exhibitors

• Observe the dogs

• Watch the sportsmanship

• Have a good time

American Pit bulls must be observed and see how well trained they are and how many dogs seem to have a little more zip or charisma when they are being judged. By looking at dogs, especially the winners, you can have a good idea about how your Pit bull should look if he is to become a show dog.

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Our passion is the American Pit bull. We breed because it is our love and passion for this beautiful breed. At Kingsview kennels we specialize in Blue nose, red nose and black nose Pit Bulls.. We breed Pit bulls for mainly for their quality traits, temperaments, size and colour. They also have one of the Best Temperaments tested by the American Temperament Test Society. Research what you getting yourself into before making a choice on bloodlines and breeder History/lineages. These three things are Critical with any breed - Exercise, Discipline and Affection.
Kingsview Female Pitbull – Ruby
Kingsview Female Pitbull – Tequila
Kingsview Male Pitbull – Storm
Kingsview Male Pitbull – Stunner
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Kingsview Female Pitbull – Kiara