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Pitbull Males

Kingsview Strike

Since 2021, Kingsview Strike has been a cherished member of the Kingsview family. A fawn-blue in color, his coat has a unique silver-blue hue coupled with a distinctive red nose, setting him apart from standard blues, which typically have blue noses.

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Kingsview Stunner

Kingsview Stunner is a blue male pitbull who is exceptionally child-friendly and sociable with other dogs. He particularly enjoys interacting with female dogs on a regular basis. Based on my experience with the breed, pitbulls generally have phenomenal temperaments.

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Kingsview Storm

Kingsview Storm is not only extremely intelligent and well-behaved but also boasts a wonderful personality. He can sit, jump remarkably high from a seated position, shake hands, roll over, fetch, and perform any other trick you request.

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