What’s a Blue Pitbull

celine4A blue pitbull is quite simply one with a “blue” coat which can range anywhere from a light silvery gray to deep charcoal. Likewise, blue nose pitbulls have grayish nose leather rather than the more common black nose.

What causes the blue-gray coloration may actually surprise you. Blue is a dilution of the color black. The genetic make-up of a blue dog contains a recessive trait that causes the color pigmentation to clump around the middle of the hair shaft leaving the tips colorless. The effect to our eyes is the dusky gray that is commonly called blue. Blue is an exceptionally hard color to find.

You may recall from your school days in science class that in order for a recessive trait (like blue eyes in humans) to be expressed in the offspring, both parents must carry the gene for the recessive trait. Add to that the fact that the alleles that interact with and influence coat and skin color and color patterns are found in several places along the canine genome, and you can appreciate how tricky producing a particular color can be. There are many different bloodlines around today blues come out of a history of Blue lineages and out of your Original Bloodlines. Do your homework before you purchase  a blue that  is way to tall for the Pitbull height and weight standards, inbreeding will cause many issues so be careful.

Blue pitbulls are quite sort after the color makes this fantastic breed look very unique. Please be careful when purchasing a blue or any pitbull as many scammers that operate various classifieds require holding deposits up front without you being able to view the puppies…..Emailing you a puppy picture doesn’t guarantee you a puppy ask for a copy of the registration papers and make sure with the registration council that they are registered.

Interesting site to study colours and breed standards   American Pit Bull Terrier Network APBT color gallery

You might want to know…

The American Pit bull is the most common sold breed in the USA. It is the American icon. A test done in the USA revealed that Pit bull attack on humans, were # 96 on all other dog breeds. You are more likely to get attacked by a maltese or lab. Visit http://www.atts.org/ and see the truth.

The American Pit bull Terrier has a natural inclination for hunting and has been trained to hunt everything from birds to wild boar. It is considered to be the most powerful dog, pound for pound ever to be developed, even though they are also known for their devotion and steady temperaments with humans.

Enjoy these ultimate specimens of human companionship and remember:

“American Pit Bull Terriers: Feared by many, loved by few.. Respected by all.”

Information & Hints

•  The American Pit Bull Terrier has been a registered breed in the USA since 1898.

•  Their ability to work well with humans and their great looks has made them an excellent breed to be used in movies.

•  Over the years the Pit Bull has been stamped with bad name, this is mainly due to irresponsible owners, miss training, and mistreating their dogs. This breed was mainly bread for fighting other Pit Bulls and never to attack any humans.

•  If properly introduced, your pit can get along with other family pets.

•  Pit Bulls can be extremely loving and caring if brought into the right environment.

•  Pit Bulls are low maintenance. Brushing their short hair regularly keeps shedding to a minimal.

•  The small Pit Bull Terrier was originally bred for fighting. In later years a bigger Pit Bull was bred for catch work. (Catching free-range domestic animals on farms and ranches).

•  Pits are great jumpers with strong jaws. They easily support their weight when they grasp a suspended object, and hang for hours.

•  I strongly advise consulting your vet on de-worming your pit on regular intervals. Worms are puppy killers and deprive an adult dog of good health.

•  Dogs respond to voice tones, no physical punishment is necessary.

•  Clipping of your pits ears is illegal since 2006 in South Africa under new legislation.

•  Pits are easily trained and hand signs work well with this breed.

•  They make stunning family pets for the whole family and offer devotion for their loved ones.